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The Importance of Stamina in the Audition Room


There is endless advice to be had when it comes to auditioning. How to pick the right material, how to show off your personality, how to seal the deal. But one thing I haven’t found actors talk about that much is stamina in the audition room. When it comes to long days on set, certainly, […]


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On the Virtues of Selling Out


One of my early, vivid memories of encountering a “real actor” was in elementary school, when a local actor came to speak about his job. Already knowing what I wanted my future career to be, I was ecstatic. When Jeff (not his real name, because in no way do I remember it) was asked about doing […]


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You’ll Never Be Ready (And Why That’s A Good Thing)


Hey. You’ll never be ready.   You’ll never have the training to tackle Hamlet. You’ll never be ready for your first feature. You’ll never have the charisma to carry an AMC series and you can’t afford home studio equipment.   You won’t be skinny enough to book that commercial. You won’t have the star power […]


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5 Signs You’re About to Burn Out (and What To Do About It)


Burnout claims us all eventually. The uncertain nature of the entertainment industry often means actors are overloaded with day jobs, multiple overlapping projects, and the daily stress of survival with little job security. We’re afraid to say no to any gig in case it will be our last. We take on extra shifts and extra […]


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Commercial Actors Should Never… Be Confused About Commercial Representation

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 9.30.49 AM

To agent or to no agent… and which agent? Those are the questions! Sometimes I feel like you can find an opinion to match what you think/want to hear on any aspect of the industry. I always go with the study that confirms that I’ll live longer for drinking a glass of wine a day, […]


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[VIDEO]: Allow Things To Affect You – Acting Tips with David Strasberg


“Just because there are lines (on a page), it has to trigger YOU somehow.  You see those things and it leaves you open to what’s possible for you.” Lee Strasberg was a seminal acting teacher and his Method Acting technique remains alive at the Institute in West Hollywood: the only source that delivers Strasberg’s teaching […]


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Top Ten Finalists For Our Oct/Nov Cast It Showcase


KUDOS ARE IN ORDER!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, your Cast It Showcase Top Ten finishers!!!! Give ’em some love and stay tuned for our Top Performer as chosen by our casting panel and who will receive, Feedback and US $500!!! October-November Showcase Top 10 in NO particular order: Breeze Woodson Jonathan Medina Brett Geddes Heather Fusari Rebekah […]


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Acting and your Daily Habits – Acting Tips with David Strasberg

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 12.25.07 PM

In our weekly series, Cast It Talent is proud to bring you the wisdom and work of the great Lee Strasberg as shared by his son, David Strasberg, Creative Director and CEO of the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. David Lee Strasberg describes the most common acting mistakes he see’s actors succumb to when performing […]


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7 Tips to Speed Up Memorization

Whether you’re in a cold read or stepping in to an unexpected role, there are times when you will need to memorize lines at lightning speed. Below are some tips to help you get in the fast lane. Read through the material. Scene or feature length script, it’s always a good idea to get a […]


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David Lee Strasberg Monologue Contest Winner: Reid Emmons

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 2.54.42 PM

Congratulations to Reid Emmons, who was selected as the top performer of the David Lee Strasberg Monologue contest! David Lee Strasberg of the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute called for actors to submit their best self-taped monologue to Cast It Talent. The selected actor receives a critique on the submitted video, from David himself. Watch […]


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