A Guide to Out of Town Auditions


The work doesn’t always come to you. There are theatre and film opportunities nationwide (indeed, worldwide). Keep an eye out. Why limit yourself to your immediate community? If the right out of town audition comes along, however, it will take some preparation. Here’s a quick and dirty guide to traveling for an audition.   Is […]


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Intent on Success: The Three M’s


We talk a lot about actions actors can take to refine their presentation, technique and business game. But harder to pin down are strategies for improving your drive and focus. In the face of relentless rejection, how do actors maintain the winner’s attitude so crucial to long term success? While there are endless strategies to […]


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6 Workshops Every Actor Should Take


An actor’s education is a beautiful, exhilarating Hydra. The second you think you’ve lopped off the head of one technique, another springs forth. There is always more to learn, deeper understanding to be gained, skills to refresh and hone and refresh again. It’s great! It’s exciting! You’ll never be bored! But the journey to self-improvement […]


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Stop Unconsciously Talking Yourself into Failure

man scratching head

Self-deprecating humor is a familiar defense mechanism, and all the more effective for the entertaining, charismatic and witty among us. In other words, actors are prime culprits. How many of us, as sensitive, artistic kids, quickly transitioned into class clown to navigate the brutal byways of early education and adolescence?   In many cases, self-deprecating […]


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The Weight of Words: Why We Need to Do Better When We Talk About Actors – Candy McLellen


Sometimes it can feel like we, as actors, exist in isolation. We work and promote ourselves as individuals. It’s easy to forget that we are part of a greater community of actors, artists, and storytellers. It’s easy to forget the responsibility that entails. I am part of the Atlanta theatre community, and something happened recently […]


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Coming in Warm: 5 Pre-Audition Obstacles and How to Overcome Them


Auditioning can be pretty wretched. Often lacking in standardization, organization, or any sort of environmental comfort to set one up for success, the process is designed to weed out the timid and unprepared (when, indeed, it is designed at all).   So the onus is on you to come in guns blazing. This is easier […]


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Confidence vs. Arrogance: Grow a Successful Career Persona

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 11.56.33 AM

Being your own advocate is a crucial component of a successful career in the arts. But how do you distinguish between the kind of assertiveness and confidence that forwards your career, and the brassy showbiz arrogance that makes everyone hate you? It’s a tricky delineation, and often they feel like two sides of the same […]


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On the Virtues of Selling Out


One of my early, vivid memories of encountering a “real actor” was in elementary school, when a local actor came to speak about his job. Already knowing what I wanted my future career to be, I was ecstatic. When Jeff (not his real name, because in no way do I remember it) was asked about doing […]


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All I Want for Christmas is a Paycheck: 5 Holiday Gigs to Get You Through


Holidays are expensive for everyone, but if you put the “starve” in “starving artist” they can be especially trying. If you’re looking to pick up that extra gig to get you through the season, here are a few places to apply:   Theme Parks – Theme parks are often-overlooked sources for actor employment. Many will have […]


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5 Ways to Keep Acting Beyond Auditions


Between hustling for future acting gigs and basic survival, keeping yourself from getting rusty can be a struggle. We all have those stretches that feels like the only acting we’re practicing is squished into 30 second self-tapes for the local lottery. Even if you’re booking, how do you keep yourself sharp and constantly expanding your […]


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