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5 Things Every Actor Should Invest In

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Believe me, I get it. As an actor, funds tend to be not so much tight as barely existent. The unfortunate thing is, acting is an expensive business, and unless you have some sort of Victorian benefactor, it’s up to each of us to fund our own ventures. With an endless influx of advice on […]


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The Competitive Edge — Seven Things That Make An Actor Successful (that you can’t learn in class)

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Welcome to the start of 2018.  It’s that time of year.  You are refreshed and pumped up, renewed and ready to start the New Year on the right foot. I’m always asked what makes someone successful in this business.  Stating the obvious would be you need to know the basic strong foundation of acting, know […]


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How to Stay on a CD’s Radar (Without Annoying Them to Death)


In a market that seems perpetually saturated, standing out from the crowd becomes a real concern. How will you ever book if you can’t even get in the audition room? If you’re feeling lost and invisible, here are some ways to cultivate a professional personality that will keep you memorable.     Don’t Harass Them. […]


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VIDEO – Acting Is… Insider Mario Campanaro

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Acting WAS letting others control your Acting career. Acting IS… taking control and creating your dream career now. Jeff Locker interview Mario Campanaro, master and teacher and coach, for our new Acting Insider series. He shares the importance of having a coach vs. a teacher, and how you KNOW you are ready to perform. Acting Is… is our new video […]


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5 Essential Things to Teach Your Child Actor


We talk a lot on this blog about how to further your own career, but what if you’ve got a young rising star at home? Being the parent of a child who is interested in starting their acting career early is a difficult road to navigate, especially if you have limited experience in the industry. […]


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VIDEO – How to be your Talent Agent’s Dream Client

Agents Love Parents and Actors Who: Are always REACHABLE within an hour by phone, text or email. Within 2 hours (of an audition notice) confirm the date & time of auditions in the manner the agent has requested. SAY THANK YOU to everyone! (In an email to your agent for a great audition, to the […]


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Sanity Tips for Parents of Child Actors

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Bonnie Wallace is the author of  THE HOLLYWOOD PARENTS GUIDE, an accurate, experience-based tested information on every step needed to give your child the best possible opportunity to make it in Hollywood. Bonnie includes wisdom, inspiration, and resources to help you on your own journey and even help you decide if this dream is right […]


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6 Memorization Hacks for the Actor


Perhaps one of the most tedious tasks for actors–universally across the globe, and since the moment when the very first actor endeavored to take a scripted work and translate it into a performance onstage–is learning lines. Granted, some people have a natural knack for memorization, and will certainly have an easier time than those for […]


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How to Write an Acting Cover Letter

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Are you trying to convince someone to hire you? Of course you are! You’re an actor! You have essentially entered into a tacit contract to continue begging people to hire you on a daily-to-bi-weekly basis for the remainder of your existence. As per this agreement, you will have to get creative about the methods used […]


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How Do Actors Make Money Between Gigs?


Our Cast It Talent community responded to the request of one of our members, Dave Moak, with a list of jobs that they do to keep their heads above water and still remain available for the next gig. Come on over to our Facebook page and join the discussion!! Here are some of the cool jobs our members have that let […]


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