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Misconceptions About The Working Actor

Cast It Talent isn’t for actors who like to sit by the phone or wait in the soda fountain to be discovered.  Cast It Talent is for actors who recognize the value of the tools we provide and uses them to submit themselves, create their own projects, deliver a professional virtual package, and take their […]


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Tax Time Tips: A Guide to Filing as an Actor


For many working actors, tax season can be a one-way ticket to stroke city. Especially if you are new to filing on your own, actor taxes can be overwhelming. Most actors have multiple jobs, and few acting gigs come with your standard W-2. Whether you have yet to file, or you’re looking to make next […]


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Chicago: Hollywood of the Midwest

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 4.22.25 PM

Chicago is buzzing with acting opportunities, and it’s contribution to the entertainment industry is at an all-time high. Chicago has always had a strong reputation and highly entertaining history of television and film productions, but in 2010 and 2011 things exploded due to a lucrative tax incentive to producers, attracting major film studios and blockbusters […]


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Does Your Child Have What it takes to be a Professional Actor?


Bonnie Wallace is the author of  THE HOLLYWOOD PARENTS GUIDE, an accurate, experience-based tested information on every step needed to give your child the best possible opportunity to make it in Hollywood. Bonnie includes wisdom, inspiration, and resources to help you on your own journey and even help you decide if this dream is right […]


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Actors Anonymous Podcast Episode 51: Michael Nardelli & Pisay Pao

Episode 51: Michael Nardelli & Pisay Pao

Tune in to listen to the latest Actors Anonymous Podcast, sponsored by Cast It Talent. Actors Anonymous, founded by Wesam Keesh, is a podcast that focuses on the Los Angeles actor and the struggles and hardships of their careers, as well as their success stories. Cast It Talent is proud to sponsor the Actors Anonymous […]


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The Nudity Question: To Bare or Not to Bare?


Outside, winter creeps apace, chilly winds heralding a glorious season of hibernation. It’s that sluggish time of year when we can stop exercising, grow lumberjack beards, and/or safely wear jeans over unshaven legs, content in an external, sub-zero justification of self-neglect. But one noble industry is pumping away, determined to keep America—nay, the world, steamy […]


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Are You Ready For Representation?

Being an actor is like running a business. You are the CEO, and are in charge of building and growing your company and brand. Like most new businesses, you start small and once you have enough work and income, you can expand the company, which will eventually entail hiring additional employees. In the case of […]


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Headshots: 4 Tips for Choosing a Great Photographer


There are things in life on which you can cut corners and take the cheap and easy route . . . and if you’re an actor, your headshots should not be one of them. This doesn’t mean that you have to shoot with the most expensive photographer you can find—the one with the celebrity clientele […]


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