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Don’t Want To Be PREDICTABLE? – Acting Tips with David Strasberg

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“You don’t need to experience the whole beach… just a couple of grains of sand.” -David Lee Strasberg. Lee Strasberg was a seminal acting teacher and his Method Acting technique remains alive at the Institute in West Hollywood: the only source that delivers Strasberg’s teaching in its consummate form. As CEO and Creative Director, David […]


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Dear Actors: We’re On Your Side!

Real People Audience: Adults Children Spectators Sports Enthusia

One of the most popular comments that I hear from actors is that they are “surprised”‘ to find out that Casting Directors are rooting for them. The audition room can be an intimidating place; you walk into a (very often cramped) room filled with competitors, you go into an office where complete strangers are staring […]


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5 Self-Care Techniques that Will Better Your Acting Career

A career in acting can be grueling, to say the least. The insane hours, constant rejection, the and psychological strain that stems from an utter lack of job security will eventually take it’s toll. Whether you’re soldiering through a relentless schedule on set or hustling to snag endless auditions, burn-out is right around every corner.But […]


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How to Know What Acting Advice To Take


Acting, in all its beautiful subjective glory, attracts an endless array of perspectives and philosophies. Between professors, instructors, coaches, directors and other industry professionals, it can be hard to know what advice to take. Especially when said advice is conflicting, which will invariably occur. Below is a guide to help you sort through the influx […]


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