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CIT Flashback Friday: How to Improve Your Networking Skills

How to Improve Your Networking Skills

Networking is essential to creating a name for yourself as an actor, and that is why for this week’s CIT Flashback Friday blog post we are revisiting the article ‘How to Improve your Networking.’ “But I just want to act,” your inner artist voice laments. “I’m not good at networking. It feels fake. I’m socially […]


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CIT Flashback Friday – Booking a Job Without an Agent

Our Cast It Talent Flashback Friday article is one that is useful to any working actor without representation–How to book a job without an agent. Even with a team of agents, managers, and lawyers, booking an acting job is no easy task. Your reps submit you for projects, which hopefully lead to auditions; you then […]


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Flash Back Friday – Auditioning: Artistic Advice


Editor: As Episodic season starts, we thought we’d jog your memory as to how to get ready to deliver the best possible audition.  Don’t miss your chance to be the Right Actor for the Right Job.  Follow Adam Lazarre-White’s advice.  LA Actors are lucky enough to be able to take his class here in Hollywood. […]


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All About the Character Actor – In Celebration of the Evan Arnolds of the World


For this week’s CIT Vault article we thought we’d revisit an article that debunks some of the negative connotations of the term “character actor.”  There are worse careers than making a living as an actor under the radar. “He’s a character actor,” you may hear one day while leaving your audition for the biggest pilot […]


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Success Stories Part II: Siya Maleki and the Importance of Feedback

"...it seems like you guys always go out of your way to help aspiring actors like myself.”

Stop right there. Take a break from whatever starving artist activity in which you are participating at the moment. That bologna and rice cake sandwich you are trying not to drop on your keyboard will be there for you when we’re done. (Side note: if you are, in fact, eating bologna, cut that out. The […]


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From the Cast It Blog Vault: Self-Recording Auditions: Advanced Tips


As we see the quality of self-tapes and the quantity of self-tape opportunities both increasing, we thought we’d re-enforce some old tips on making sure that you are delivering the best self-tape and giving yourself the best chance to book that gig. We’ve already written several articles about how to “self tape” for auditions. Not […]


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Success Stories: Shaenia Ayeni

Shaenia Ayeni: Cast It Talent Online Showcase Winner - Feb. 2015

So much of this business is learning to deal with rejection. Managing your own, watching as your friends get rejected, even listening to endless stories of actors who gave up or “didn’t make it.”  It can seem endless and all-consuming. And then sometimes, a story comes along that rekindles that hopeful spark, and makes you […]


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Thinking of Submitting to Cast It Feedback? Here are some pointers for FBF!


How to Self Tape Like a Self Taping Genius I once watched a tape of a woman who, instead of performing the sides, decided to perform a monologue from Mommie Dearest. She did not get the part. Now, I’m sure you don’t make such cockamamie gaffes, but nonetheless here are some tips to make sure […]


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  Your ability to succeed in this very competitive industry depends on 4 main factors: 1 – HARD WORK; 2 – BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS; 3 – TALENT; 4 – LUCK. HARD WORK – An actor who is prepared, both from honing his or her craft and skills, and from applying that craft to the audition at […]


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Bold Choices: Make Them Remember You

Proceed With Caution…

As actors, I feel like we are constantly being told to make “bold choices.” The phrase has become shorthand for directors, auditors, casting directors, instructors, and even fellow actors. It is generally accepted to be a positive thing, a thing you definitely should do, but how does one harness the power of such a nebulous […]


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