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5 Questions to Answer Before You Say Yes


We’ve talked before about red flags, and reasons to turn a project down, but sometimes it can be equally difficult to know when to accept work. As artists, we’re often swamped with pleas from friends and colleagues to all but donate time for this web short or that indie project, and it can be hard […]


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VIDEO – Acting Is… Collaborating!

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Acting WAS letting others control your Acting career. Acting IS… taking control and creating your dream career now. Jeff Locker hears directly from Actor Rob Huebel and Director Ken Marino of the new Netflix hit, How To Be A Latin Lover how they took advantage of what Acting Is… and created their own successful careers in the industry. Acting Is… is our new video series that […]


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Six Steps to Get Your Way (Without Being a Diva)


Actors and performers attract a lot of stereotypes, and, despite our winsomely bleached smiles and inherent charm, not all of those stereotypes are positive. Today we are going to tackle one of the most enduring loaded labels ever to be muttered behind an actor’s back: DIVA. While this term has many connotations, it likely inspires […]


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5 Ways to Follow Up: How to Keep in Touch with Agents and Casting Directors


It’s a delicate balancing act. You want to be proactive in your career, but you don’t want to harass industry professionals until they find you off-putting. So let’s break down some ways to appropriately reach out to those agents and casting directors whose attention you so desperately want to catch.The trick, of course, is to […]


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