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CIT Guest Blog – Nurture Yourself And Find Your Hidden Talent

Michelle Danner

I get calls from Hollywood agents and managers all the time asking me if I feel a certain actor has talent. Very rarely do I say, ‘no’ because most actors have talent. I remember Stella Adler once said, “You have to have a talent for your talent,” which means: do the work. Everyday fulfill the steps you need to take that will […]


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How to Harness the Power of Social Media for Your Acting Career


Everyone is familiar with the concept of marketing yourself in acting or any other pursuit through your Facebook page or Twitter or any number of apps and sites, but here I’d like to delve a little bit deeper into social media and talk about some of the ways in which the savvy actor can use […]


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7 Things You Need in Your Professional Arsenal

(Your tools) need continual maintenance, makeovers, and care.

Hi, actor friends! You know those times, (maybe a lot of the time), when you feel like you just don’t have your, erm…stuff together? Do your colleagues always seem one step ahead, just a smidge more profesh? Luckily, when that happens, there are a couple helpful things you can remember. One is that, especially when […]


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Flash Back Friday – Auditioning: Artistic Advice


Editor: As Episodic season starts, we thought we’d jog your memory as to how to get ready to deliver the best possible audition.  Don’t miss your chance to be the Right Actor for the Right Job.  Follow Adam Lazarre-White’s advice.  LA Actors are lucky enough to be able to take his class here in Hollywood. […]


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Two Ways to Save Money in Your Acting Career


Here are a couple of money management tips to take special note of as we approach Episodic Season. If there’s one thing I’d bet almost every member of the acting community can agree on, it’s that pursuing a career as a professional actor is expensive.  Photography, classes, initiation fees, union dues, subscriptions, mailings, clothing, transportation, […]


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Branding can be limiting


There are plenty of acting schools, coaches and workshops out there that emphasize how to “brand” yourself as an actor.  There’s no shortage of people (agents, managers, Casting Directors, etc)  ready to put you in a box or label you, which is not necessarily the wrong approach but it can be limiting and I think […]


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CIT Flashback Friday – 10 Secret Skills Every Actor Should Have

Portrait of young beautiful woman

Here are some Black Belt actor tips from yesteryear: Star date – June 2014 If you spend any time seriously pursuing a career as an actor, there is no shortage of people telling you what you need to learn. Theories of acting, industry standards, and the nuances of technique are constantly being analyzed, explained, broken […]


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From the Cast It Talent BLOG Vault – Misconceptions About The Working Actor


Cast It Talent isn’t for actors who like to sit by the phone or wait in the soda fountain to be discovered.  Cast It Talent is for actors who recognize the value of the tools we provide and uses them to submit themselves, create their own projects, deliver a professional virtual package, and take their […]


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All About the Character Actor – In Celebration of the Evan Arnolds of the World


For this week’s CIT Vault article we thought we’d revisit an article that debunks some of the negative connotations of the term “character actor.”  There are worse careers than making a living as an actor under the radar. “He’s a character actor,” you may hear one day while leaving your audition for the biggest pilot […]


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BEING PERSONAL IN YOUR WORK #3 – Techniques and Exercises

Woman unmasked

This is Part 3 of a 4 of Adam Lazarre-White’s Personalization Series: Parts 1 and 2 are available for you. Private Moment Exercise There is a quote from Meryl Streep, perhaps the greatest living actor, “Often the scenes that are the most exciting, and most illuminating in film, are the ones with no dialogue. The […]


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