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Featured Artist Series: Follow Up With Dylan Prince

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Some of you might remember our previous interview with showcase winner Dylan Prince. In the interest of tracking the growth of a career, we followed up with him to see what he’s been up to. Since last we chatted, Dylan’s been busy. Last year he booked his first feature film role, which later went on […]


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Featured Artist Series: Anthony John Thomas and How to Overcome a Late Start Acting Career

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Sometimes life can sidetrack your acting career. When that happens, it is easy to become discouraged, to feel rusty and overwhelmed at the thought of jumping back in the game. But as showcase winner Anthony John Thomas demonstrates, with the right cocktail of perseverance, hard work, and courage, success can come around any corner. Anthony […]


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Featured Artist Series: Showcase Winner Michael Palladino

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This week in our featured artist series, I got the scoop on showcase winner Michael Palladino. Michael grew up in Oaklyn, in the heart of small town New Jersey. Though he studied Psychology at Loyola Marymount University, he says he’s been acting since he was very young. “I would perform anything and anywhere I could, […]


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Featured Artist Series: Showcase Winner De-anna Edmondson!


Marching ever forward in our Featured Artist Series, I bring you inspiration to lift you up from Down Under! (My apologies to the entire continent of Australia). Cast It Talent’s April Showcase Winner, De-Anna Edmondson, resides in Goldcoast, Queensland, where she recently moved from Western Australia. When not acting, she partners with her sister Shaina […]


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Put in the Work: How Mishka Thébaud uses Motivation to Carve out a Career in Acting

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We all know the feeling. The one that glues your head to the pillow in the morning. The one that whispers softly, seductively in your ear, telling you that instead of risking the rejection and self-doubt occasioned by endless submissions, you should binge-watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Occasionally, we all listen to that voice, and […]


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Your Monthly Inspiration: Tim Mason Scott, October Showcase Winner!

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It’s that time again! Time to learn from success stories, and remind ourselves that even though we have all chosen a career with the lifeblood of rejection pumping fast through its veins, there remains that elusive cocktail of determination, talent and resourcefulness that can spur us on to our own tales of triumph. Today’s champion […]


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Showcase Winner Interview: Winifred Atinuke Fashakin

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have another Cast It Talent showcase winner! If you haven’t checked out our previous winner features, do yourself a favor and start tuning in. Success stories do not merely shine a light of hope down the tunnel of frustration and rejection, they are also an excellent way to help us re-assess […]


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Showcase Winner: Rizelle Januk

Showcase Winner: Rizelle Januk

It’s that time again! This time our featured showcase winner, Rizelle Januk, hails all the way from South Africa. Though Rizelle loved creating characters as a child, it wasn’t until she performed her first monologue at fifteen that she realized the power she had to evoke emotions in others. “It was surprising to me and […]


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