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Commercial Actors Should Never: Neglect the Small Goals

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Many, if not all, actors have a story about when or how they decided to dive into acting. I’d expect that every actor can easily name their dreams and goals for their career. It might be star in a film with so-and-so celebrity, win this-or-that award, or be a lead in a blockbuster feature or […]


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What Part Can Social Media Play In Your Career?

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Social media is a way of life and should not, and cannot be avoided.  It’s worth looking at the pros and cons of social media in your career.   NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS A big question seems to be, “does it matter how many followers I have?”  “Will I get more auditions or book more commercials […]


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When Does Your Audition Actually Begin?


Thanks to the folks at Cast it, I was invited to interview on the Acting Up Radio Show with Will Roberts. One of the questions he asked was, ‘when does the actor’s audition really begin?’  Great question! I’ve been thinking a lot about the answer and here’s what I believe: your audition begins when you […]


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Dear Actors: We’re On Your Side!

Real People Audience: Adults Children Spectators Sports Enthusia

One of the most popular comments that I hear from actors is that they are “surprised”‘ to find out that Casting Directors are rooting for them. The audition room can be an intimidating place; you walk into a (very often cramped) room filled with competitors, you go into an office where complete strangers are staring […]


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VIDEO – Acting Is… Collaborating on the Entire Project!

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Acting WAS letting others control your Acting career. Acting IS… taking control and creating your dream career now. Jeff Locker hears directly from Catalina Aguilar Mastretta, Director of the new hit movie Everybody Loves Somebody, about what the Casting Directors are DYING to see when you audition. Don’t leave the room without doing this! Acting Is… is our new video series […]


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Casting Review: Lion

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Once in awhile a movie comes along that shakes you, wrecks you, grabs at your heart strings and never really lets go. This incredible script, written by Australian writer Luke Davies, takes us on a journey of an Indian boy who gets separated from his older brother at a rural rail station and is forced […]


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5 Ways to Follow Up: How to Keep in Touch with Agents and Casting Directors


It’s a delicate balancing act. You want to be proactive in your career, but you don’t want to harass industry professionals until they find you off-putting. So let’s break down some ways to appropriately reach out to those agents and casting directors whose attention you so desperately want to catch.The trick, of course, is to […]


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Joanna Colbert and Annie Burgstede Present TRUST: What Makes an Actor Get the Part?

Joanna Colbert began her career as an assistant to Juliet Taylor in New York City where she worked on a number of Woody Allen films. In 1994, under the mentorship of Taylor, Colbert conducted a nationwide search which resulted in the casting of Kirsten Dunst in her role in Neil Jordan’s Interview with a Vampire. […]


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Branding Can Be Limiting


There are plenty of acting schools, coaches and workshops out there that emphasize how to “brand” yourself as an actor.  There’s no shortage of people (agents, managers, Casting Directors, etc)  ready to put you in a box or label you, which is not necessarily the wrong approach but it can be limiting and I think […]


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Kissing Scenes, First Impressions, and more on Ask Amy!


How can I put my best foot forward when meeting a Casting Director? How do I approach an on-screen kissing session? Amy answers these questions and more on this week’s Ask Amy! Each week Amy answers your questions here! Do you need acting technique tips or career advice? Send them here: AskAmyLyndon@gmail.com. Amy Lyndon is a […]


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