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Flash Back Friday – Auditioning: Artistic Advice


Editor: As Episodic season starts, we thought we’d jog your memory as to how to get ready to deliver the best possible audition.  Don’t miss your chance to be the Right Actor for the Right Job.  Follow Adam Lazarre-White’s advice.  LA Actors are lucky enough to be able to take his class here in Hollywood. […]


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Two Ways to Save Money in Your Acting Career


Here are a couple of money management tips to take special note of as we approach Episodic Season. If there’s one thing I’d bet almost every member of the acting community can agree on, it’s that pursuing a career as a professional actor is expensive.  Photography, classes, initiation fees, union dues, subscriptions, mailings, clothing, transportation, […]


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Branding can be limiting


There are plenty of acting schools, coaches and workshops out there that emphasize how to “brand” yourself as an actor.  There’s no shortage of people (agents, managers, Casting Directors, etc)  ready to put you in a box or label you, which is not necessarily the wrong approach but it can be limiting and I think […]


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CIT Casting Review: Avengers – Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron

**MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS** Avengers: Age of Ultron is a momentous occasion on multiple levels. It’s the highly anticipated sequel to the 2012 monster hit The Avengers, that already broke its fair share of box office records, and finally, it’s the official kickoff to the summer blockbuster season. That’s right, that magical time of the year […]


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Almost Famous – Casting Review

Almost Famous Casting Review - 2000

The music of the 70’s captures a time we would all love to get back to…even those of us who haven’t actually experienced it. Cameron Crowe succeeds in encapsulating these euphoric feelings while creating the perfect ensemble cast in his Oscar-winning film Almost Famous. The movie takes us back to 1973 in San Diego, California […]


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Casting Review: Furious 7

Furious 7 Casting Rev

* CAUTION  – MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS**  Very few action film franchises have accomplished what the Fast & Furious franchise has since the first film, The Fast and the Furious, debuted in 2001. Although it’s all too common for Hollywood to churn out sequels and spinoffs of successful films, very rarely do you see seven iterations […]


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The Truth About Pilot Season


It’s that time of year again – pilot season. The time when dozens upon dozens of pilots get the greenlight and immediately begin casting. In true traditional fashion, the big networks (NBC, CW, ABC, CBS, and Fox) all order their pilots at around the same time which results in Hollywood being thrown into chaotic turmoil. […]


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Your Acting Career: Tips for Staying (Mostly) Sane When You’re in This for the Long Haul – Part II


(continued – Part 1) 4. Have a “life” outside this life Yes, I understand how blasphemous this sounds – especially to younger actors. (I spent junior high proudly walking around in a t-shirt emblazoned with the words, “Acting is Life, the Rest is Just Details.”  So I get it!) But when all you do is […]


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10 Tips on Filming Your Own Audition


Let’s be honest. Unless you have a professional studio in your apartment and all your friends are cinematographers, self-taped auditions are the uncontested worst. They difficult to film, almost never look as intended, and generally only serve to highlight the ungainly and poorly lit shanty you generously call your home. At least that is how […]


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5 Steps to Selecting the Perfect Headshot


Ah, the eternal subject of the headshot . . . as an actor, your headshot is arguably the most important tool in your arsenal: It is your calling card. It is often the thing that catches the casting director’s attention and gets you in the door. It is the thing by which they remember you […]


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