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Actors Anonymous Podcast Episode 56: June Diane Raphael

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Tune in to listen to the latest Actors Anonymous Podcast, sponsored by Cast It Talent. Actors Anonymous, founded by Wesam Keesh, is a podcast that focuses on the Los Angeles actor and the struggles and hardships of their careers, as well as their success stories. Cast It Talent is proud to sponsor the Actors Anonymous […]


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Will Roberts: Riding into the Self-Made Sunset

Faced with the same rejections as we all are, Will carved out space for the life he wanted.

All right, I’ve got a special one this time. Continuing in our series of actor profiles, I am very excited to announce that this week’s subject is none other than the wonderful Will Roberts. If you don’t know who he is, you should (you are, in fact, about to find out), and I couldn’t be […]


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CIT Casting Review: Inside Out

love and family: the forever foundation of the delightful films created by Pixar

**Caution: May Contain Spoilers** Pixar is showing its true colors with this summer’s groundbreaking, heartfelt and deeply moving animated feature Inside Out. This is a story that lingers well after you leave the theater, sparking personal reflection and endearing childhood memories. Peter Docter, director and creator of the story, based this flick on real-life encounters […]


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Cast It Talent Casting Review: Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2 should provide some fun counter programming to the CGI action gore

**MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS** The summer blockbuster sequels are upon us! Avengers: Age of Ultron kicked off the box office season with record breaking numbers, and now it’s time for Pitch Perfect 2 to enter the fray. Although I make no assumptions that a movie will be able to equally go toe-to-toe with the Marvel juggernaut in terms […]


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1. – Charm  – Stanislavski discusses “an Actor’s Charm” in, An Actor Prepares.  The element of someone’s bearing that makes them “the life of the party”, or “interesting” or a “leader” is most often their Charm.  Everybody’s Charm is not the same, some Charm is goofy, some is ironic, some is direct – there are […]


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“The Lego Movie” Casting Review


**MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS** The Lego Movie is a unique animated film that has been a long time in the making, but like a good bottle of wine, age has only made the final product all the better, and allows it to speak to audiences of all levels. Everyone can find something to love about this film. […]


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“American Hustle” Casting Review


**MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS** Following up on the critical success of 2012’s Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle is the next film from director David O’Russell. The film reunites actors from across O’Russell’s recent films, as well as adding some new faces to the mix. This blend of actors mixes well to create some of the best performances of […]


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“Hello Ladies” Recap: The Date


**MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS** In the third episode of Hello Ladies, Stuart sets aside the club-hopping scene long enough to explore the comedic highs and lows of a “normal” date with a woman he actually likes. Tapping into Stuart’s fears and desires, The Date might be the show’s funniest and most relatable episode thus far. Stuart […]


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“Hello Ladies” Recap: The Limo


**MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS** The Limo transports viewers further into the mind of Stuart Pritchard, giving us insight into desires that should have been more apparent in the pilot and opening the door to a more engaging and meaningful comedy series.  In episode two of Hello Ladies, best bud and moping man-child Wade has ordered a […]


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“Don Jon” Casting Review


**MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS** Besides being a mature yet heartfelt indie film, Don Jon has been getting a lot of attention because of its subject matter and, more interestingly, the fact that this film marks actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut. The film largely succeeds where it matters most, and Gordon-Levitt should be commended for his work—especially since he […]


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