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Have you ever wondered what other actors do to make a living between gigs?

Survival Gig Central

Our Cast It Talent community responded to the request of one of our members, Dave Moak, with a list of jobs that they do to keep their heads above water and still remain available for the next gig. Come on over to our Facebook page and join the discussion!! Here are some of the cool jobs […]


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Destination: Hollywood – Part 1

For any aspiring actor, the road to success in Hollywood is paved with competition and uncertainty. Even the most dedicated actors have to overcome incredible odds to make it big…or make it at all. But for actors who come from abroad, the challenge is magnified by paperwork, cultural transitions and unique financial limitations. Is the […]


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International Actors: Part II


In Part I of Advice for International Actors, we covered some of the basic fundamentals that all international actors should be aware of if they are serious about pursuing a career in Hollywood. Let’s say you’ve been working on the aforementioned topics for the past couple of years now. You’re pretty good with English, you […]


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Open Call For New Webseries, “Jon Davis Gets a Sex Robot”

Cast It Talent is hosting an exclusive open call for the YOMYOMF Network, which is looking to cast a lead role in their new web series comedy “Jon Davis Gets a Sex Robot.” Casting for one Asian female, mid to late 20s. (Must be 18 or older). The female sex robot is a mid to […]


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Actors Working in Casting Offices

It may have crossed your mind that as an actor, it may be beneficial to try to work in a casting office. In a sense, you’d be taking a peek behind the curtain and seeing just how the casting process works. You could gain valuable insight and become more well-rounded, as auditioning isn’t always just […]


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Breaking In

by Andrew Hadzopoulos It’s the one question that every person hoping to become a working actor faces. There are variations, but ‘getting your foot in the door’, ‘being discovered’, or ‘getting your big break’ all pose the same hurdles. “How do I start?” It can be a long, confusing road at times, and there are […]


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Actor Showcases: The Bitter Truth

Every summer in Los Angeles, casting offices and talent companies are flooded with invitations for actor showcases. Showcases are live theatre performances that various acting schools and conservatories put on for friends, family, and of course, industry professionals. These showcases are a common staple for colleges and universities with large acting programs (e.g. USC, UCLA, […]


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Are You Ready To Make “The Big Move”?

If you ever want to step into the mainstream business of acting, it is inevitable that at some point you will have to make “the big move” to a larger city to pursue your dream and career.  Whether it’s to LA, NYC or Chicago, there are things you can do ahead of time from wherever […]


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Great References For Great Actors

As an actor, your education does not end with the completion of your B.A., MFA, conservatory program, scene study class or workshop.  It is a continuous process that needs to be attended to on a daily basis.  We work and thrive in an industry based entirely on the production of media and information.  While it’s […]


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Acting is a Lifestyle

There are two types of actors in Los Angeles. On the surface, it appears that the two categories are only ‘successful’ and ‘unsuccessful’. What separates careers that seem to flourish, from those that remain stagnate? There are many traits and similarities shared among successful actors, and many differences amongst the unsuccessful versus the successful. Actors […]


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