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Casting Review: Lion

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Once in awhile a movie comes along that shakes you, wrecks you, grabs at your heart strings and never really lets go. This incredible script, written by Australian writer Luke Davies, takes us on a journey of an Indian boy who gets separated from his older brother at a rural rail station and is forced […]


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Ouija: Casting Review

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The mere conception of the Ouija board game has transcended it’s mystical qualities of not only it’s origins (from the early 1890s), but seemingly so – decade after decade – has supplanted it’s own proverbial seed into cultural relevance from the ominous side of society’s deepest and darkest secrets. One of those rebirths took place […]


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American Honey: Casting Review

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Another great film uses Cast It throughout the Casting process! In 2014 we had an open call for for the character Star in American Honey. Now let’s see what our intrepid reviewer has to say about the Casting decision! With the opening scene consisting of our leading lady and her siblings digging in a dumpster for food, American Honey […]


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The Conjuring II: Casting Review

It is great to see the entire Casting process unfold. Earlier this year we had an open call for for the character Janet in The Conjuring II. After going through thousands of submissions, Madison Wolfe was selected to play the role of Janet! Madison’s audition video was submitted through Cast It Talent, and now she has a major motion picture under […]


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Don’t Think Twice – Casting Review

“Your twenties are about hope. Your thirties are about how dumb it was to hope.” There’s a window between the quarter-life crisis and the mid-life crisis that I like to call the 30-something career crisis. This is defined as the moment in your life where you have decided what you are being pulled towards but […]


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Casting Review: Hell or High Water

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The rough-and-tough brotherly love drama Hell or High Water, starring Ben Foster and Chris Pine, has certainly gotten some flack from the media about its racist slurs and gun-toting Texan Pride. However for the avid movie lover who appreciates real, raw movie making, there will be an ability to see beyond that. There is gut-wrenching […]


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A Patch of Blue – The Classics Edition

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A Patch of Blue is a heartfelt drama that will make you melt all the way to the end. Directed by Guy Green in 1965, the movie stars Sidney Poitier, Shelley Winters and Elizabeth Hartman. The screenplay was adapted from a novel titled Be Ready With Bells and Drums, which was published in 1961. Guy […]


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The Neon Demon: Casting Review


The Neon Demon is a twisted and daring horror film by Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn…and by ‘daring’ it is safe to say that it was a shot-in-the-dark for this underdeveloped storyline that leaves the audience mystified; both by beauty and by sheer bewilderment. The film is brilliantly cast with familiar faces as well as […]


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CIT Casting Review: Inside Out

love and family: the forever foundation of the delightful films created by Pixar

**Caution: May Contain Spoilers** Pixar is showing its true colors with this summer’s groundbreaking, heartfelt and deeply moving animated feature Inside Out. This is a story that lingers well after you leave the theater, sparking personal reflection and endearing childhood memories. Peter Docter, director and creator of the story, based this flick on real-life encounters […]


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CIT Casting Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

Mind-blowing action...

****CAUTION: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS**** Summer is a time when anticipation builds in box offices around the globe: Who will hold the pristine title for “Mind-blowing Action-Thriller” or “Never-ending Excitement for the Whole Family?” For this one, leave the kids at home and run – don’t walk – to catch Mad Max: Fury Road. The fourth […]


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