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How to Harness the Power of Social Media for Your Acting Career


Everyone is familiar with the concept of marketing yourself in acting or any other pursuit through your Facebook page or Twitter or any number of apps and sites, but here I’d like to delve a little bit deeper into social media and talk about some of the ways in which the savvy actor can use […]


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Two Ways to Save Money in Your Acting Career


Here are a couple of money management tips to take special note of as we approach Episodic Season. If there’s one thing I’d bet almost every member of the acting community can agree on, it’s that pursuing a career as a professional actor is expensive.  Photography, classes, initiation fees, union dues, subscriptions, mailings, clothing, transportation, […]


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Branding can be limiting


There are plenty of acting schools, coaches and workshops out there that emphasize how to “brand” yourself as an actor.  There’s no shortage of people (agents, managers, Casting Directors, etc)  ready to put you in a box or label you, which is not necessarily the wrong approach but it can be limiting and I think […]


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From the Cast It Blog Vault: Self-Recording Auditions: Advanced Tips


As we see the quality of self-tapes and the quantity of self-tape opportunities both increasing, we thought we’d re-enforce some old tips on making sure that you are delivering the best self-tape and giving yourself the best chance to book that gig. We’ve already written several articles about how to “self tape” for auditions. Not […]


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Knowledge and Power: Take Control of Your Online Presence


We’ve talked a lot on this blog about tools you can use to direct your own career. But while it’s easy to list steps we could all be taking to boost our presence, sometimes taking those steps can be harder than it sounds. With a sea of online resources geared toward actors, how are you […]


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8 Quick Tips for Self-Tape Success


In these days of awesome technology, some casting directors are now opting to have actors send in taped auditions in addition to–or sometimes, in place of–traditional, in-person auditions. This method of casting has some serious benefits: save time, save gas, no parking fees . . . but easily the best part of filming and submitting […]


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Booking a Job Without An Agent


Even with a team of agents, managers, and lawyers, booking an acting job is no easy task. Your reps submit you for projects, which hopefully lead to auditions; you then have to prepare and nail the audition; then, if all goes well and you happen to be the best fit for the role, you get […]


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Protecting Your Age


This is a public service announcement to all actors. Never, NEVER feel obligated to tell anyone your age during the casting of a project. Casting directors (or anyone involved in the process) are strictly prohibited from asking you your age, and there’s no real reason why this question should even be asked. Of course, there […]


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How to Market Yourself as a Professional Actor


These days, being a professional actor doesn’t necessarily mean fancy credits on your resume and paparazzi following you around town. As Hollywood expands past Los Angeles with the use of the internet and other modern technologies, anyone can be the actor they want to be. It often comes down to attitude, confidence and perseverance. The […]


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How to Make the Perfect Audition Video


We are currently living in a time during which more and more aspects of our lives are going wireless, and the entertainment industry is no different. It is becoming increasingly common for actors to submit homemade videos for auditions, auditions which can be tremendously beneficial career opportunities . . . that is, if the videos […]


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