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Resume Rules


Putting together an acting resume can be an activity as mundane as compiling a grocery list, or as tense and fearful as slaying a fire breathing dragon (alright, that last bit might be a tad overdramatic…but what are actors if not dramatic?!) Your resume can come together seamlessly and painlessly, though, as long as you […]


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Cast It Talent #FBF: Audition Do’s (and Dont’s)


Do arrive early. This can be quite the challenge in a city like LA (highways! gridlocks! construction! more highways!), but always do absolutely everything in your power to arrive to your audition ahead of schedule. Not only will you avoid being the one to keep others waiting (never a good thing), but you’ll also have […]


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How to Harness the Power of Social Media for Your Acting Career


Everyone is familiar with the concept of marketing yourself in acting or any other pursuit through your Facebook page or Twitter or any number of apps and sites, but here I’d like to delve a little bit deeper into social media and talk about some of the ways in which the savvy actor can use […]


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7 Things You Need in Your Professional Arsenal

(Your tools) need continual maintenance, makeovers, and care.

Hi, actor friends! You know those times, (maybe a lot of the time), when you feel like you just don’t have your, erm…stuff together? Do your colleagues always seem one step ahead, just a smidge more profesh? Luckily, when that happens, there are a couple helpful things you can remember. One is that, especially when […]


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Two Ways to Save Money in Your Acting Career


Here are a couple of money management tips to take special note of as we approach Episodic Season. If there’s one thing I’d bet almost every member of the acting community can agree on, it’s that pursuing a career as a professional actor is expensive.  Photography, classes, initiation fees, union dues, subscriptions, mailings, clothing, transportation, […]


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Branding can be limiting


There are plenty of acting schools, coaches and workshops out there that emphasize how to “brand” yourself as an actor.  There’s no shortage of people (agents, managers, Casting Directors, etc)  ready to put you in a box or label you, which is not necessarily the wrong approach but it can be limiting and I think […]


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CIT Casting Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

Mind-blowing action...

****CAUTION: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS**** Summer is a time when anticipation builds in box offices around the globe: Who will hold the pristine title for “Mind-blowing Action-Thriller” or “Never-ending Excitement for the Whole Family?” For this one, leave the kids at home and run – don’t walk – to catch Mad Max: Fury Road. The fourth […]


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Easy Choices to Flesh Out Physicality: Part 1

Portrait Of Happy Woman Flexing Her Muscles

If you’ve ever gotten a note on physicality, you might know the existential frustration that accompanies such vague proclamations as “you look sort of tense” or, “Your general movement is a bit peculiar, did you know that?” And while most notes on physicality will hopefully be more helpful that these, the fact remains that different […]


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Destination: Hollywood – Part 2

Submit now to the August Cast It Talent Showcase!!

Continuing our Hollywood Story from Part 1 Representation is Key  Whether moving to Hollywood as an established actor like West, or in the early stages of a career like Knai, getting the paperwork approved is not an insurmountable task, according to casting director Carla Hool.  “I’ve seen a lot of actors who get their paperwork,” […]


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Destination: Hollywood – Part 1

For any aspiring actor, the road to success in Hollywood is paved with competition and uncertainty. Even the most dedicated actors have to overcome incredible odds to make it big…or make it at all. But for actors who come from abroad, the challenge is magnified by paperwork, cultural transitions and unique financial limitations. Is the […]


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