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Extras, Co-Stars, and Guest Stars: What’s What?


So you’re just breaking into the “business” and you’re ready to get your name out there and audition for things. Right away you’re going to hear a lot of different terms thrown around, some of which may be new and unfamiliar to you. In the world of television, two of the most common terms you’ll […]


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Will Roberts: Riding into the Self-Made Sunset

Faced with the same rejections as we all are, Will carved out space for the life he wanted.

All right, I’ve got a special one this time. Continuing in our series of actor profiles, I am very excited to announce that this week’s subject is none other than the wonderful Will Roberts. If you don’t know who he is, you should (you are, in fact, about to find out), and I couldn’t be […]


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Commercial Agents In Depth


In our previous article, Your Own Personal A-Team, we discussed other types of representation on top of your standard theatrical reps (agents/managers). Lawyers, publicists, personal assistants, and business managers can make fantastic additions to your ‘team’, especially when your career gets to a certain level. However, one other type of rep that we haven’t discussed […]


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An Actors’ Guide to Hollywood Unions

If you work in the Hollywood entertainment industry as a performer, crewmember, or even a hair stylist, you are probably in a labor union – or at least well aware of them. SAG, AFTRA, WGA, CSA, ACE – Hollywood has so many acronyms it can make anyone’s head spin. However, if you are an actor, […]


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Getting Your SAG Card

For actors starting out, getting your SAG card can feel like a huge hurdle right at the beginning of the race and that’s because that’s exactly what it is. You can’t get a SAG card unless you’ve been in a production, you can’t be in a production unless you have your SAG card. What’s an […]


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