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Becoming a Better Actor: Relaxation, Intention, and Imagination


Relaxation:  allows concentration, focus and encourages your instincts, imagination and emotions to flow as an organic, alive experience. “Intention” or “Objective”:  Focus on what you are DOING to your scene partner—pick an ACTIVE VERB.  Your “Intention” or “Objective” asks you what you want or need.   Its counterpart—“Action”—asks what you are doing to your scene partner […]


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Creating Powerful, Real Emotion in Make-Believe Circumstances: An Actor’s Guide

beauty girl cry

Many actors get scared, distracted, or frustrated by the desire to create powerful, real, TRUTHFUL EMOTION  in make-believe CIRCUMSTANCES.  Stanislavsky said, “Don’t worry about the flower, just water the roots.”  He spoke of Relaxation, Mind, Will & Emotion—relax the body, occupy the mind, motivate the will; and “release” the EMOTIONAL LIFE.  Emotion is elusive and […]


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