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Featured Artist Series: Sarah Beth Hester and Unexpected Puppetry

Embarking on a career in the performing arts is a journey best undertaken with creative use of map and compass. Often when actors start out, we imagine a linear yellow brick road to Hollywood, but a career in the arts is littered with unexpected and rewarding opportunities. We just need an open heart and open […]


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Featured Artist Series: Michael Webb

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Michael Webb was born and raised in New York City; he was born acting. Since as far back as he can remember, Michael has always been drawn to acting; from Elementary School to High School, Michael always got involved in one school play or another. Acting is the only thing he has ever truly wanted […]


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The Conjuring II: Casting Review

It is great to see the entire Casting process unfold. Earlier this year we had an open call for for the character Janet in The Conjuring II. After going through thousands of submissions, Madison Wolfe was selected to play the role of Janet! Madison’s audition video was submitted through Cast It Talent, and now she has a major motion picture under […]


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Showcase Winner Interview: Winifred Atinuke Fashakin

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have another Cast It Talent showcase winner! If you haven’t checked out our previous winner features, do yourself a favor and start tuning in. Success stories do not merely shine a light of hope down the tunnel of frustration and rejection, they are also an excellent way to help us re-assess […]


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