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How to Free Your Work


Here are some techniques and exercises that will help you be more alive and free in your work.  They will help you ‘break the glass’ of the typical constraints of your persona, help you find new, exciting, “risky” ways to express yourself and undo the habitual rhythms you find your self repeating over and over […]


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5 Tips for When You Can’t Relate to a Role


“What if I can’t relate to my character?” To be honest, it surprises me how little consideration I generally give this question. For me at least, and I think for many of the actors I talk to, we are so driven by habit, training, and necessity to find something in every character to which we […]


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Becoming a Better Actor: Relaxation, Intention, and Imagination


Relaxation:  allows concentration, focus and encourages your instincts, imagination and emotions to flow as an organic, alive experience. “Intention” or “Objective”:  Focus on what you are DOING to your scene partner—pick an ACTIVE VERB.  Your “Intention” or “Objective” asks you what you want or need.   Its counterpart—“Action”—asks what you are doing to your scene partner […]


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