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Instructions for Handbrake for Mac (version 0.9.1)
Handbrake will allow you to get video from a DVD copied (“ripped”) to the hard drive in a file format that will work for upload to Cast It Talent. You can download the free version of Handbrake at:
Download and copy the HANDBRAKE folder to your Applications folder on your hard drive. Once loaded, insert the dvd into the computer and run the HANDBRAKE application.
Here are the steps to ripping the dvd to your hard drive:
1. When the dvd loads, Handbrake will automatically open. Select "Source" and choose the "DVD" on the left-hand side under "Devices." Click the Open button. Handbrake will scan the dvd for video titles and chapters.
2. Starting in the "Source" panel, at the top left section: In the "Source" area, set your Title to "1-xxhxxmxxs", the default option. Set Chapters to "1 to 1", to rip only the first Chapter, or whatever chapter you need to upload. It's a good idea to first scan the dvd yourself to find the specific chapter you need before using Handbrake, instead of wasting time and hard drive space ripping the entire dvd. So if you only need chapter 22, set Chapters to "22 to 22".
Below the "Source" panel, you’ll find the “Destination” panel. Input these settings:
- File: name your file, and click "Browse" to select where on the hard drive you want to save the mp4 files
- Format: MP4 file
- Codecs: MPEG-4 Video / AAC Audio
Now, click the "Picture settings..." button:
- Set Width: to 640 (Height should auto adjust to 480. If it doesn't, you may have to uncheck the box next to "Keep aspect ratio"). Then hit "close" at the bottom.
Next, hit the "Audio & Subtitles" tab next to the "Video" tab. Input these settings:
- Track 1: Select English (AC3). Often it will be called "Unknown" instead.
- Track 2: None
- Track 1 Mix: Mono
- Sample rate: select 32
- Bitrate: select 32
Once these settings have been entered, hit "Start" at the top (located right next to "Source").
3. The mp4 movie file will be created. Repeat these steps for every chapter you need on the dvd. Once you have the movie files created, upload them to Cast It Talent in the “video” page. Keep in mind, these files must be converted on our servers first before they will play on Cast It Talent. Wait 10 to 15 minutes for the conversion to complete.
Also, you can also further edit the movie file by importing it into iMovie or by using QuickTime Pro if you are familiar with that application. Simply drag the clip over an open iMovie window and it will be automatically added as a clip. Once imported use iMovie to do any editing of your clip. You can then save the file, log in to Cast It Talent and upload to Cast It Talent from the “video” page.