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Mediafork/Handbrake for Windows
These instructions are provided as a guide for getting (non commercial, non copywrited) DVD material to your hard drive. The program we recommend for ripping DVDs to your hard drive in a format supported by Cast It Talent is called Mediafork/Handbrake. You can download the free version for Windows at:
You must have Microsoft .NET Version 2.0 installed on your computer to operate Handbrake. If you do not have it installed, Handbrake will require you to upgrade before installing the software. The free version of .NET 2.0 can be downloaded here:
After installing the software on to your computer, you are now ready to begin ripping DVDs.
1. First insert the DVD into your computer -- if a DVD player automatically opens, close the program, then open the Handbrake application.
2. From the main Handbrake window, click READ THE DVD. A window will pop up on screen as the program reads the data of the DVD. After the DVD is done reading, click OK.
3. The READ DVD window will now open. By clicking VIEW DATA, you will be able to see the titles and chapters that are stored on the DVD. It's a good idea to first scan the DVD yourself to find the specific chapter you need before using Handbrake, instead of wasting time and hard drive space ripping the entire DVD. The VIEW DATA screen will help you find the exact chapter you wish to rip. After you find the chapter, close the READ DVD window.
4. You are now ready to rip the DVD.
- In the DVD CHAPTERS field, enter the chapters you wish to rip (1, 2-5 etc.)
- In the DESTINATION field, click BROWSE to find a directory to save your ripped file. It may be easiest to save the file to the desktop. After naming the file (name of the actor, etc), choose to save the file as an MP4 and click SAVE.
- In the ENCODER field select MPEG 4.
- In the AUDIO ENCODER field select AAC.
- In the WIDTH/HEIGHT field, enter 320 as the width, and 240 as the height.
- In the tabbed menu at the bottom of the screen, select VIDEO SETTINGS. Enter the VIDEO BITRATE as 768. In the VIDEO FRAMERATE field, select 24 frames per second.
- In the AUDIO SETTINGS menu, set the AUDIO BITRATE to 32, and the AUDIO SAMPLE RATE to 24000.
- Click ENCODE VIDEO in the lower left-hand corner to start ripping the DVD.
Progress may be monitored in the minimized window that will appear on your TASKBAR. Once the file is finished, this window will disappear, and you will now be able to upload the file to the Cast It Talent site.
Also, make sure you RENAME each new file you rip from a DVD. If you don't rename the file, it will save your new file over your old file.